A marvelous Vacation Rental in Mendocino.



Luxurious, yet down to earth.

Enjoy fresh air, the comforts of a fine hotel; a stage with live mikes; a bounty of totally excellent board games; yoga mats; secret gardens; a big tv screen and a fully stocked kick-ass chef's kitchen.


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Retro-elegance on 2 private acres with an ocean view. 

Constructed in 1924, this grammar school served the town's schoolchildren and community until 1995 when it was purchased by William Bottrell who spent 20 years lovingly restoring and renovating it.   





( Library ) 

( Custom Fireplace )

                                                      ( ANDERSON VALLEY IN AUTUMN )

                                                      ( ANDERSON VALLEY IN AUTUMN )

You don't need to take a plane to go somewhere magical. 

Seeking a TRUE GETAWAY? A place where you can find yourself again? Someplace far from the relentless pace, traffic, parking hassles and constant distractions of daily life? 

This spectacular 3-4 hour drive from San Francisco cuts through Anderson Valley’s wine country, to Northern California’s iconic coastline.

(And if you've got a fat piggy bank, a private plane will get you to the Little River Airport, 15 minutes from The Schoolhouse).